Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wikiloc Channels

One of our goals at Wikiloc is to give more tools to businesses and organizations to help them grow by unleashing all the possibilities of the GPS track information they already have created.

Our first tool built with this goal in mind is Wikiloc Channels. A Channel is a special place in Wikiloc (call it a micro-site if you like) where all the tracks and photos of a single business, organization or touristic brand are grouped together. The Channel has an improved structure, design and many added features to create a professional looking place where to store your GPS related information and, more important, to build a community around it.

Some of the Channel features are:

  • Upload of GPS tracks, photos and videos

  • Look and feel customizable to adapt to the business needs (images, links, colors, etc)

  • Multi-language

  • Hability to add layers of points of interest to each track, including photos, descriptions, pdf documents, etc...

  • Hability to add tracks uploaded by other Wikiloc users

  • Social Media tools (facebook, twitter, etc)

  • Management of all the content and customizations through a CRM-style behind the scenes software

  • Software provided as SaaS

  • Traffic statistics

  • Free of advertisement (i.e. regular Wikiloc banners )

Wikiloc Channels are aimed at all kind of organizations wanting to grow their business through building a powerful repository of GPS tracks and sharing them with their clients and the Wikiloc global community. Let me give you a quick example. The Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona is an organization managing one of the most turistic brands in Spain. They are now aiming at an international, sustainable and eco-conscious target who would come to visit Spain to enjoy the outdoors by doing all kinds of activities. By creating their Costa Brava Channel and providing all their local knowledge on trails and services around them they provide the potential tourists with all the information they need to get the most out of their stay. Moreover, they use the built-in social media tools to post updates about new routes and activities thus keeping their fans and followers up to date.

But this is just an example. Many other industries can benefit from a Wikiloc Channel: sports product brands, sport teams, athletes, small touristic/lodging/cultural businesses, etc.

More Channels are already in the pipeline to be launched in the upcoming months. We're excited about it!


Arnau Boix i Pla said...

Congratulations for the excellent work done in WIKILOC!

I had a question about the Channels, is it possible to create channels as a user of WIKILOC? How could I do it?

Edu Martinell said...

Hi Arnau,

Thank you for your kind words!!

For now, Channels is a paid service to be used by touristic brands (or any other kind of business) to group tracks into a single 'mini-site' and promote an area. It could also be used by wikiloc users but this would entail some money spending on their side.