Monday, November 24, 2008

New logo!

As you may have already realized, wikiloc has a brand new logo. The former logo was gimp'd by me in the early days of wikiloc and was, simply put, quite 'plain' :)

Luckily Toño García, a happy wikiloc user that works as a motion graphic designer and partner at and collaborates with web design in offered to upgrade the old logo into a better one.

After several tweaks, adjustments and fixer-uppers (thanks Toño for your patience!) in the 3D sphere:

we were almost convinced in showing the ball on the left side of the name, like:

but finally, after some deep thinking and a few beers we agreed in the final version:

and yep, we're proud of it

Hope you like it :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

New office

Wikiloc has moved to the Scientific Parc in Girona. I'm excited to be in this location with plenty of space, nice views and all kind of IT facilities.

The mountains on the background are one of our favourite spots for hiking and mountain biking with many options to ride after work :)

If you're in the area drop me an email!

Oh! and the carpets on the floor with the Wikiloc logo are hand made by Montse. Thanks Montse! :)

Stay tuned, more news are coming!