Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We're glad to announce the release of a much requested feature for the Android App: the Search Pack, the search service for Android to explore trails in right from your Android. Discover trails near your location sorted by proximity or near your next destination. The Search Pack includes filters by activity, distance, elevation, difficulty and choices like “only loop trails”. You can also search by keyword, trail ID or your favorite trails.

If you already have Wikiloc App on your Android, you must upgrade to the latest version (2.0) or get it from Google PlayThen you can get a Search Pack from or directly from the App.

We initially thought to offer the Search Pack for a limited time, say 1 month, 6 months or one year renewable. After consulting with several of you, we realized that if you buy the pack for a month and then for whatever reason (period of bad weather, personal problems, etc. ..) you can’t use it during that time you would have to pay again for renewing it, even without having used it. We agreed it'd be best to offer the service without a time limit and just pay for use. You'll have free access to search trails until you've reached the limit of downloads, each pack includes 100 trail downloads.

Also, since attaching the Search Pack to a single smartphone was not convenient the Search Pack is associated with your user account at, so you can search and download trails from your smartphone or a friend phone by just signing in to your account.

You can download trails from the web and transfer them to your Android, but we hope you'll find the Search Pack convenient and decide it's worth paying a few euros for it to discover and download trails in a simpler way and helping us out a bit so we can continue to improve Wikiloc.

We know it's taken quite some time, so thanks for your patience and support.

Hope you like it!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Private messaging

Private messaging, a much requested feature, is finally online. You can now contact directly another wikiloc user using the new button under his/her photo.

And we've added several outdoor activities including nordic walking, via ferrata, swimming and more!

We keep working on improvements you've been asking for, stay tuned!