Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wikiloc artık Türkçe olarakta yayında!

(Now Wikiloc also on air in Turkish)

Kudos to Ersan Cinan for his full translation of Wikiloc to Turkish.

There are several interesting trails in Turkey like Balloon flight over Cappadocia or a more refreshing hike to a beautiful waterfall near the city of Izmir:

Thanks Ersan!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Upcoming events

Just a reminder for upcoming appearances, on May 11th I’ll be in Sevilla, Spain, to speak at the Encuentro de Directivos de Cajasol. After the event I’ll be in Sevilla briefly if anyone wants to do a meetup

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

160.000 trails and new server

Today April 7th is Wikiloc's birthday (and mine too :) and the present for Wikiloc has been a much more powerful i7 server. The old server was almost melting during traffic peaks and it deserved a break after all these years of good service.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing trails in wikiloc.com much faster from now on.

To date you and me together with almost 130,000 other users have shared already more than 162,000 trails with beautiful photos taken along the trail (249,402 so far).

Now you can likely find an outdoor trail almost anywhere you visit like hiking or mountain biking in Easter Island (Rapa Nui), walking among penguins in Antartica or taking an off-road trip to watch a volcano eruption in Iceland

We're growing fast in around 9,000 new trails per month and enjoying a lot working on the project. More improvements that you've suggested are in the pipe and will go online soon. Stay tuned!