Thursday, March 24, 2011

We've got new forum!

As of Friday March 18th our forum has a bright new suit! Well, it's not just the outside that has been updated, but also the structure and the integration with Wikiloc.

One of the main new features of the forum is that now we've got different sub-forums for different languages. For now we have Spanish, English, French and Catalan as separate languages and and extra sub-forum for all the other questions in other languages. With this update, you can all post new questions and search for answers in your own language, and thus improve the chances of getting help out of the comments of other users.

We have also created a new GPS sub-forum. There were so many questions around how to use GPS, which one to buy or how to use GPS software to move back and forth tracks between devices and Wikiloc, that it made sense to create a separate area where to group all these questions.

Also mention that now, under each Wikiloc user's profile, there's a link which will take you to all the user's activity in the forum. A nice and easy way to quickly find possible answers on different topics for that user.

We'd like to thank and give credit of the authorship of the new forum template: Mike Lothar has done an excellent job on this simple, clean and effective template. Many thanks also to our friends at Panoramio, who showed us the way to go with this upgrade.

We hope you like the new forum and that you will contribute to make it THE place for all Wikiloc users where to find answers, help and even a place where to meet outside in the real world.

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