Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wikiloc at the Change Summit in National Geographic

I'm excited to announce that we'll have the opportunity to make a presentation of Wikiloc at the Change Summit that will be held in National Geographic's headquarters in Washington DC after winning the Geotourism Challenge.

And thanks to Ashoka Changemakers we'll join the other winners, Pepy tours from Cambodia and Nature Air from Costa Rica, in a round table at the Educational Travel Conference in Rhode Island where more than 1000 nonprofit travel professionals will meet.

We hope to return from those events with many new ideas to improve Wikiloc and make it much more useful for you. If you happen to be there give me a howler, I'd be happy to meet you in DC or in Rhode Island!



Marc Oller said...


I'm happy for this new information and hope you have a good trip and you return with a handful of new ideas for Wikiloc. It is also a joy to see that the spanish press echoes this new:

El PeriĆ³dico de Catalunya (2/2/2010):

National Geographic award for GPS routes web site from Girona

Demis said...