Monday, May 11, 2009

Draw your trails by hand

Whether you are planning a new trail for your next trip or willing to share a cool route you know by heart but haven't in your GPS receiver, you may find interesting a new feature of wikiloc that allows you to draw tracks manually on a map:

The link to access the tool is on the right side of the upload page

You may also add up to 25 waypoints along the route. And the elevation data and graph will be also calculated automatically for you.

Hope this will be an useful addition to your trail mapping toolbox! :)



Lederu said...

Excellent, a great tool.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Jordi,
Very nice and usefull web.
I experienced some problem in altitude calculation. I will try to understand where is the problem, maybe in a bad translation gps files.
Another suggest is add a button to re-upload the gps-file.

En altres paraules es una web collunuda, simple i clara, m'encanta el perfil d'altura encara que els valors absouluts no cuadren.
Anim es un molt bon treball, si necessites un cop de ma estarĂ© encantat en poder col·laborar.

Constantin Gabor said...

Is it possible to embed the trail (drawn by hand) onto my blog?
I have made a trail but I want to show it to people.
How can I do that?

Constantin Gabor said...

I managed to embed the trail. No need to reply!