Friday, February 01, 2008

New updates

Well... frankly this time I don't know where to start. Recently we've released a major redesign of Wikiloc with so many improvements that I think the best way for you to see them is by doing a tour by yourself :)

You may find specially interesting new features like:

- New map page: improved browsing experience to discover new tracks
- A revamped upload process: now it is easier and faster to upload tracks
- A new KML feed to explore and easily discover routes with Google Earth
- Almost 9.000 tracks uploaded until now, 9000 photos and we're already a growing community of nearly 10000 members.

So thanks to you all that make possible wikiloc. So far we've received many great suggestions that are the basis for upcoming improvements, so feel free to contact me at jordi ,at, or in the forum

and... stay tunned, more changes are coming :)


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