Monday, September 17, 2007

Wikiloc available in French

Thank you to Eric Klinger for his effort reviewing the French translation of wikiloc's UI and also for translating wikiloc's help page to French.

More translations are very welcome, just drop me an e-mail at jordi A T

You can visit the 'about Wikiloc' page for a complete list of collaborators.


Erasmo Perez said...

Hi dear Jordi:

How can I show the embedded map using the Map view by default ?

Currently the view defaults to Satellite, but I want the embedded map to default to Map view (instead of Satellite) in my blog.

Is this possible ? How can I manage that ?

Thank you very much for any comment


Jordi Lopez Ramot said...

Please find answer to this topic in the following post at wikiloc's forum: