Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Improvements in Google imagery and DEM

This is good news. Mark from the UK reports that he finally can visualize his GPS trails in Wikiloc overlaid on good quality imagery after a Google Earth's update of his area. Hopefully updates for Scotland and Wales will arrive soon and will filter down into Google maps in a few days :-)

In addition I'm very excited regarding news for Spain. The Canary Islands are covered with high quality image layers provided by the Canary local mapping agency GRAFCAN, and in addition, Google Earth covers the islands with a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of 10 meters. High resolution imagery and DEM produce realistic views (at lava flow level) like the following of a trail that climbs up to the Teide's volcanic summit:

(You may check it out by yourself, just open Wikiloc's Google Earth's Feed and fly to "Parque Nacional del Teide" and the GPS trails nearby will show up)

The dynamic mini-map for that GPS track from Wikiloc:

It's good to be surprised so often with such great news :-)

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