Thursday, November 16, 2006


During the development of Wikiloc I've got inspiration from many web sites; one of them is Panoramio, that immediately caught my attention for its clean and usable interface.

I met with Joaquin during the Google Maps mashups contest party held two months ago in Madrid and recently I met with his partner at Panoramio, Eduardo. Put it simple, they're great people doing great stuff.

Their idea of showing a minimap on external websites with pictures of Panoramio lead me to develop the same in Wikiloc to let users display a minimap on their site/weblog with GPS tracks and waypoints

And since a minimap is better than thousand words, here are some of my pictures in Panoramio:

And here is one of my mountain bike rides in Wikiloc:

There're more and more people that have already found these kind of minimaps as an easy and cool way to complement their weblog posts. Some examples of Panoramio/Wikiloc members:

Alex Casteleiro uses minimaps from both sites in his weblog.

And so does JM Matute in his weblog.

Regarding GPS trails and as you can easily realize by visiting their weblogs, detailed information like descriptions, pictures and even videos, fit better in the website or weblog of the trail author than in Wikiloc. In this cases, Wikiloc can be seen as a search engine to find a trail, and then navigate away to the author's website where you'll get all that additional information, including a minimap :)

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Jesús Matute Carrasco. said...

both are great works

my page combines wikiloc and panoramio too

take a look