Saturday, May 05, 2007

Titan Desert 2007 en Wikiloc

[text in English below]

Lo que verás, es una combinación de paisajes de ensueño,lugares entrañables y gente amable
Lo que sentirás, es soledad, satisfacción, y dolor
Lo que viviràs es convivencia, compañerismo, aventura y competitividad
Lo que aprenderás es humildad, empeño y fuerza
Lo que recordarás no lo sé, pero seguro que no lo olvidarás.

Con estas palabras describe Eduard, usuario de Wikiloc, la dura carrera de mountain bike Titan Desert 2007. Si quereis ver las rutas GPS de las 4 etapas, con fotos y experiencias aquí teneis el enlace.

Ah! Ha sido un detalle por parte de Eduard poner el logo de Wikiloc en su camiseta :)

What you will see, is a combination of landscapes of dream, awesome places and nice people
What you will feel, is loneliness, satisfaction, and pain
What you will live, companionship, adventure and competitiveness
What you will learn is a humility, determination and endurance
What you will remember, well I don't know, but I'll assure that you will not forget it.

With these words Wikiloc user Eduard describes the challenging mountain bike race Titan Desert 2007. If you wish to see the GPS tracks for the 4 stages, with photos and the author thoughts follow this link.

And it's been nice to know that Eduard was wearing the Wikiloc's logo on his t-shirt :)

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Samira said...

A desert is a living, vital place.
It is like another world. It is so calm and peaceful.
Last summer I saw a movie, which was shot in Morocco. There were many scenes where desert was described. After that I just fell in love with it.
Tourists are coming to see not only breathtaking Morocco property constructions, but also to view this ocean of sand.